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 At SonRise,  we believe

that we exist to build a church where Jesus is King and people find lasting change.


To celebrate God's presence


To demonstrate God's love


To communicate God's Word


To assimilate God's family


To educate God's people


      The SonRise philosophy of ministry is propelled by Matthew 28:19-20, where we are told by Jesus to "Make disciples and teach Christlikeness" as we are living our lives.
In the church community, we pattern our philosophy on Acts 2:42, where the early church exploded as the first Christ followers participated and focused on Biblical teaching, fellowship, community and prayer.
       Our philosophy is provoked by Romans 12:9-10, where we are challenged to "Love from the center of who you are; don’t fake it."
       We seek to take full advantage of all resources in order to maximize congregational, as well as small group discipleship.
       At SonRise, we believe church should be fun and full of celebration. After all, this is where you find Jesus!
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